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1. Take a small cotton bag. You can find these at garage sales, discount stores, or craft stores. Cut one handle off. The other end, tie it to bar on the side of your parrot's cage.
2. Fill the bag with treats such as popsicle sticks,
3. leather strips,
4. and sisal rope.
This one I make for one of my Greys that pluck.. She adores this toy.   

6" piece of  Stainless Steel (SS) chain – could also
use Plastic Chain
Cotton material in colors white, lite gray, darker gray –(Colors of your choice)
SS Quick Link, Plastic Baby Ring for hanging

Cut pieces that are about 5" long.  Use pinking shears.
Thread material thru chain and knot each piece (really tight!). Approximately 22 to 25 pieces.
NOTE: I've been making these for a couple of years. 1 yard of material will make tons of these.
This was ‘Cheep’, easy and your plucker will love this. 
***CAUTION:  Don't make the pieces of material too long, you don't want  any bird getting tangled up in the fabric!!

When you see that it's getting  chewed a lot, trim your fabric.  
Hope your bird enjoys it as much as mine has.   :)

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Lucy gives her treat bag the ‘beak of approval’!!!
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