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Stainless Steel Chain  or dog chain (Use at your own discretion)
Cotton Rope
Red & Green Cotton Material
1 Green Napkin Ring
1 Marbella Ring
Marbella Balls (different shapes)
Wood pieces
Plastic spools

Drill holes in the cup; cut the hard plastic straws down short.  Cut chain to 3-1/2 ".  Put in the top of the cup and place the napkin ring and marbella ring on top of the lid.  Secure chain under lid with ‘O’ ring.
String all pieces with cotton rope; tying knots every couple of pieces.  Cut cotton fabric with pinking shears, tied knots every so often in between toys.
LaLa one “Santa Claus is coming to Town Toy”
Sippy Cup (Big Lots .79)
Zip Ties
2 pieces Cotton Rope
2 pieces Paulie Rope
2 pieces Plastic Lacing
Assorted Beads & Wooden Pieces

Zip tied together 2 pieces of Cotton rope, 2 pieces of Paulie rope, and 2 pieces of Plastic lacing and a knotted piece for hanging. 
String the beads and wood pieces on it.  Leave some of the ropes free so the bird can play with them.  Add as many or as few beads and wooden pieces as you like.
Michaelann’s Rudolph the Reindeer
Toni’s Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Mojo Telling Santa How Good He’s Been