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Snowman Sippie Cup (Walmart $1.00)
Large Softball Size Whiffle Ball
Cotton Rope/Paulie Rope/Sisal 
Wooden wheels for the belly area & legs
Wooden Spools for arms
Stainless Steel Wire or Chain 
Quick Link for hanging

Drill a hole in the bottom of the cup. Cut SS Wire/Chain to length  to connect the ball and cup. Thread cotton rope thru whiffle ball and attach wooden wheels in belly area.  Knot each strand securely.  Thread long strand horizontally thru middle and attach wooden spools for arms. Cut length of cotton rope/paulie rope/sisal proper size for legs.  Knot tightly at one end and begin stringing wooden wheels on. Thread thru 2 bottom holes.  Continue to string wooden wheels on other side for legs.  Thread wooden wheel above hat onto SS wire/chain.  Attach quick link.
Sippin’ Snowman is ready to hang!!
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Cheryl’s Sippin’ Snowman
Connie’s Smilin Snowmen
Snowman Sippie Cup (Walmart)
Whiffle Balls
Cotton Rope/Paulie Rope/Sisal
Beads, Blocks, your choice

Cut the straw off and drill a ½ inch hole in
the bottom so you can string the rope through
the snowman head and whiffle balls. On the
last whiffle ball, tie a knot and push it through
the hole so there is no excess rope hanging. 
Take rope cut to the length you want the
arms and add your beads or whatever you'd prefer.
Do the same thing with the legs as you did for the arms, and that’s your snowman.
Shown here a couple different choices.