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To make the SS bowl toy: I drilled 4 holes around the edges of a 20 oz bowl and used 19mm O rings to hold the washers.  I drilled one larger hole in the side of the bowl big enough to accommodate 3mm chain. Added a few chains with washers making the chains short enough to dangle from an O ring with another chain hooked to and threaded this chain through the hole in the side. Added another O ring to the end and a quick link.   Instead of hanging this toy you could drill a hole through the bottom and use a nut and bolt with a couple of washers to hold it in place.  Replace the chain used for hanging  with one or two links of chain and attach an O ring to the link on the outside of the bowl to hold it in place.
Shyra SS Bowlwasher.jpg
Working with Stainless Steel

To get ready to drill a hole in  the metal you first need to make a dimple in it so the drill bit won't slide around.  The drill bit also has to be sharp or you can drill all day and not go through.  To make the dimple I take a big nail and a hammer and just hammer the nail inside the cup where I plan to drill till I get a good indentation. Start with a smaller bit and work your way up to the size you want.  Make the holes only as big as you need to to put your chain through.  This way your bird won't get his toes caught in the hole. Now you’re ready to sand the hole smooth.  Drilling from the inside out makes it easier to sand.  I use my dremmel to do this (be sure and wear safety glasses, the metal does fly everywhere) but you can use sand paper.
The bell is made from a 2 ounce SS condiment cup you can find in Walmart or the Dollar Tree for 4/$1.  

The SS creamer (3 inches tall) I paid 89 cents for at Walmart.  

I used 1.6 mm chain, 12 mm O rings, and some large SS washers for these
Bell & Creamer Supplies
Shyra SS Bowl.jpeg.jpg
To make the creamer I put three washers on O rings and attached each of them to a short chain and then the other end of the chains went on one O ring.  To this O ring I also put on 1 link of chain. This single link is then threaded through the hole in the cup and another O ring is attached to the link on the outside of the cup.  If the link is too small to hold two O rings use 2 links.  I used another piece of chain with an  O ring on each to attach the chain to the creamer and to hang it with.
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The bells are made in a similar fashion only depending on which bird it's for I change the size of the O rings and the chain.  Then on the inside I use one or two O rings and a washer with one or two links of chain to go through the hole to the O ring on the outside.  By varying the length of where the O ring hangs in the cup and the size of the washer it changes the sound of the bell.
SS Bowl Supplies
20 oz SS bowl
19mm O rings
3mm chain
SS washers
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