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2. Cut three to five 1 1/2 lengths of cotton or sisal rope. If you'd rather use jute or hemp, then multiply the rope amount times 3. Unravel the rope until you have three separate pieces. Tape the ends, so that the rope will not unravel any further.
1. Start with a double loop rope dog toy. This can be found easily. I purchased mine at the Dollar Tree. The cost was $1.
4. Using foam beads ***, slide the beads on each rope. I left about an 1 1/2" space between each foam bead. Tie a knot on each end.
3. Next tie (in a knot) one of the lengths of rope to a 3" (longer if you'd like) plastic chain and the top loop of the dog toy. Continue to tie the remaining rope on to the top loop as well.
5. The opening of the foam beads is  VERY small one. To make it larger, I inserted one end of my scissors. I twisted it back and forth a few times.
And last, let's not forget to add the Quick Link to the chain. It's ready to hang!!
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Cilene’s Tree Swing
Wellington’s Swing by Joanne B.
Wood  Toy Blocks
Colored Manzanita Wood Chunks
Wood Dowel
Stainless Steel Wire
Wilton's Icing Colors
SS Links
Cut a piece of Dowel according to the size of your bird and drill 2 holes at each end of the dowel. Then color the dowel for 2 days.  Put the SS wire down one hole and bring up in the other holes next to it and twist together with pliers. Take the other end of the wire and put the Manzanita Wood Chunks, Toy Wood Blocks, and ending with the Manzanita Wood Chunks. Attach the other end of the SS at the other end of the dowel the same as you did before. Cut and attach Material until nice and full...The material I cut was six to seven inches long by two inches wide.
Put two band-aids on each middle finger as you will get blisters tieing on the material... Most materials used were purchased at Home-Depot, Wal-Mart, and the Dollar store....