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1. These types of swings are found every where, and many times found at garage sales. Why not put some life back into these boring swings?
2. First, start off with 100% cotton material. I found this for 50 cents a yard. Why so cheap? It's Christmas material, and I'm purchasing it in February. When inventory of another season is coming in, stores need to make room. You can find great deals this way.
3. To save more money,
dig around in your closet.
Have any clothes that
need to go?
Is it 100% cotton?
Well, there ya go!
4. Next, cut your material in 10" strips that are 2" wide. To really jazz up your fabric, use pinking shears (the zig-zag scissors).
5. Then, tie the strip into a knot on to your swing. Tie another and then another until all the wire is covered, leaving only the wooden part and the Quick Link exposed.
And poof, you have a preening swing!

Now depending on the size of your swing, you might have to trim the fabric back. But I find that most small parrots, especially lovebirds prefer this bushy look.
As an alternative, you can use is twine made out of heavy duty jute. I purchased mine at Home Depot.

Tie the jute just like you would the material, but using 8" strips.
To add some real fun, string beads on each end and tie a knot.
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Poplar or your choice of safe wood, cut to length
SS Eye Hooks
Cotton Rope/Paulie Rope/Sisal
SS ‘O’ Ring and SS Chain for hanging
Coconut Halves
Wooden Spools
Marbella Beads

Measure wood to size you prefer.  
Drill holes in the short pieces through the ends.  
Screw eye hooks on the 2 top pieces and tie rope to the bottom pieces.
Thread rope down through all pieces.  
Attach ‘O’ ring on top and SS chain.  
Add marbella beads for chewing pleasure.
On the bottom, thread wooden spools and coconut half.
Use marbella bead inside coconut half and tie tightly.  
Tie frayed pieces of cotton rope in between the rungs.
Simple and very ‘cheep’!!!
Hang and enjoy!!!

   Carolyn’s Wooden Swing
J. Kaye’s Swing Toy  

Put some pizzazz back into your birdie's swing