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2 Coat Hangers twisted together for strength  **
(Can use Stainless Steel wire also)
Metal Wreath Frame
Cotton Rope
Vet Wrap
Handle off jump rope, cut smaller

Twist coat hangers together.  If using coat
hangers, use 2 for extra strength. (Leave
rounded part for hanging).  Begin wrapping
vet wrap at top, continuing down and including
wreath frame.  Wrap thoroughly so none of the
metal is exposed.  Cut the cotton rope and
wrap the end with tape, then with vet
wrap.  Cut handle from jump rope down to size.  
Stick on end of boing and wrap with vet wrap.  
Attach toys of your choice, hang and enjoy!!  


Plastic Embroidery Hoop
Cotton Rope or Sisal

Tightly wrap cotton or sisal around hoop.
More Swings/Ladders Coming Soon

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Stainless Steel Wire
3/4” Sisal
Cotton Rope
Beads if you want to decorate it

Bend the wire into a circle/oval shape.   On this one, the bottom was flattened out to allow more movement. Leave a little of the wire longer for a hanger, or you could attach a Quick Link/Plastic Ring for hanging. Wrap the wire tightly with  3/4" thick Sisal. Tie cotton rope on the top to dangle down by the bird’s head for preening.  Tie additional cotton rope on the bottom.
Optional is to thread small beads/small toys on the cotton rope.
Hollie Enjoying Her Curly Swing
Wreath Ring
Cotton Rope
Large Wiffle Ball
Recycled Toy Parts
Marbella Beads
Plastic Fish
SS Chain
Interstar Ring
SS ‘O’ Rings
Carolyn’s Silly Swing
Wrap the ring first with masking tape.  Then  wrap the rope tightly around the ring.  Put a plastic tie on the part where you stop wrapping.  Take a large wiffle ball and cut the holes out bigger so the rope will go through to the other side.  Make 2 more holes opposite each other.  Take remaining rope and put opposite the other rope and tie down with plastic ties.
Had some acrylic pieces from another toy.  Cut them with a scroll saw so I could pull them over the base of the swing, along with some acrylic hearts.  Before I put the rope through the ball I put the colored wooden wreath sort of things on the rope and hooked with an O-ring.
Take more rope and put Marbella beads and plastic fish on. Thread chain down through the top of the ball and hang a big bell on the bottom of the chain.  On the top of the chain above the ball,  put a handle off a jump rope, a plastic Interstar piece and another recycled toy part.
Hang and enjoy!!
Terra’s Curly Swing
Carolyn’s Boing Swing
Amanda’s Swing