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  The original idea for this comes  from Tina at Green Mountain Exotics. 
 Instructions being used with her permission.
Thank you Tina. 
 Green Mountain Exotics can be found here
Pack (6) wooden candle holders  
Chopsticks - 1 stick makes 3 handles
(Both may be dyed to your liking
or left undyed, your choice)

Cut chopstick in 3rds.  Take stick and  hammer lightly into hole in cup. (Some holes my have to be drilled ever so slightly).  
Fill with your birds favorite sticky treat or as I did birdie bread.
Codee gives mom’s lollies his beak of approval
Undyed Candle Holders
Candle Holders dyed with food coloring
Colored Cotton Rope (10 - 9 inch pieces )
Colored Clothespin
Colored Door Knob
Colored 1 inch Dowel piece
Colored (4) small beads
(Can use all uncolored wood if you prefer)

Tools --  Drill – Sander - Scissors

1- Drill hole in top (neck area) of clothespin
2- Take door knob and drill opening in area where screw would go that is big enough to receive head of clothespin. Must be a tight fit
3- Tap clothespin head into doorknob bottom
4- Drill hole in dowel piece so that clothespin legs fit snuggly
5- Sand excess feet of clothespin off
6- You can do this step before placing the dowel piece or after (if after - knot rope after you have threaded them)
Take 9 of the colored rope pieces & knot at both ends, slide into clothespin slot. Take the 10th rope piece, thread thru hole in neck of clothespin.  Add 2 small beads on both sides of rope and knot ends.
If you haven't added dowel piece, do step 4 and 5 now, otherwise you’re done.

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