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This is a wonderfully simple toy idea and the materials are easy to obtain.

golf ball size whiffle ball
sucker or wood sticks
wood or pony beads
1. Insert stick into the ball. To secure it in place, slip a bead on each end.
...use instead of a whiffle ball, a wood spool could be used...the possibilities are endless!
2. Insert sisal, cotton, or Paulie Rope through each hole and tie a knot.
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J. Kaye’s Birdie Foot Toy
With input from Tanya M.
(copyright 2005)
Ricky’s Knotty Talon Toy
Carolyn’s Feather Footer
Colored Wooden Knob for Base
Small Bead, either plastic or wooden
Feathers - I used my fids’ feathers  ☺☺☺

Put a few drops of hot glue in the hole  (NOTE: MAKE SURE TO DO THIS AWAY FROM THE BIRDS!!).   Then put a bead in the bottom.  Let it sit for a few minutes to dry, then put more glue in the hole and stick in the feathers that you’ve been saving from the birds and a couple feathers off a feather duster.  
Your feathers will enjoy their feathers!!