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Plastic Hair Roller
Butcher Twine/Sisal/Paulie Rope
Pony Beads/Wooden Beads

Take a darning needle and string butcher twine through the roller.  Tie a knot at the end and start from the inside of the roller. Pull it through a hole, string on 3 beads.  Go back down through the 3rd or 4th hole, alternating each line of holes.
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Wooden Dowel
4 Wood Beads
2 Badminton Birdies
Small piece of cholla wood

On one end of the wooden dowel, place a wood bead big enough to go over the end of the dowel but small enough to make it tight. Take both birdies and pop the rubber ends off and drill a hole in them.  Put one birdie on the wooden dowel, wood bead, cholla wood, wood bead and the other birdie. Finish off with the wood bead again to hold it tight.
Your birdies will love their birdy!!
Delta’s Birdie Birdy
Carolyn’s Footer Roller