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Ilona’s Plate Rack Toy
Stainless Steel (SS) wire appx. 12” long
2 small wooden beads
2 wooden spools
36 wooden ice cream spoons (6 each of 6 different colors)
Link to hang on- your choice SS link, curtain ring, etc
Color Materials if needed - Drill holes in center of spoons and beads if needed
Tools- wire cutters- drill- needle nose pliers

1- Take SS wire make a loop at bottom end.
2- String small bead onto SS wire- make sure that bead is secure, you can double the loop back into the ball so there is no sharp end of wire.
3- Add 3 of each color  wooden spoons.
4- Add the  2 wooden spools.  Then  reverse the order of color.  Add the remaining wooden spoons 3 at a time.
5-Top with remaining small wood bead.
6- Make tight loop in SS wire at top. Cut SS wire if needed.
7- Fan out spoons.  
8 -Add hanger to top loop or for big guys use as foot toy.
Nancy’s Flower Power
1 Large Wooden Finial
1 Large Wooden Ball
1 Very Large Wooden Spool
Untreated Leather Strips
Cotton Rope
Bamboo pieces
2 Medium Wooden Balls (for part of feet)
2 Rectangular Pieces of Wood (for feet)
2 Pieces of Cotton Material  (for bow tie)
Stainless Steel (SS) wire for center piece

Hole were drilled in base top through the bottom, and then on the side as well.
I strung the finial, large wooden ball, wooden spool on to SS wire (using needle nosed pliers bend the wire and tie on cotton rope. Twist your wire up into bottom hole. This is his legs.)
Place balls and rectangle wood onto cotton rope and walaa, we have legs.
2 leather strips were strung into base, one has wooden balls and the other bamboo.
Tie cotton material under large wooden ball for a bowtie.  Draw a cat face on this ball.
Hang and turn your feathers loose!!
Toni’s Cat Man