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Nancy’s Stars N Beads
40 Small Wooden Beads
1 Wooden Block - approx 1- 1/2 x 1- 1/2
2  Large Wooden Stars
Paulie Rope - 4 pieces approx. 10 inches and
1 piece approx. 15 inches
Food Coloring to dye wood  

Tools -- Scissors -- Drill

1 - Dye stars.
2 - Drill hole in center of both stars and on 2 of the points.
3 - Take long piece of  Paulie rope & tie loop knot.
4 - String 4 wood beads then thread thru star, wood block and second star.   
5 - String on 4 more wood beads & tie knot.
6 - Take piece of  Paulie rope & tie knot.  String 4 beads & thread thru star point.  Add 4 more beads & tie knot.
7 - Repeat step 6 to remaining star points.
This also makes a great footie toy if you don't make a loop at the top .
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Rhiannah, in UK, is credited for the inspiration behind this toy. Additional credit goes to Kathy, Lynn, Linda, and Cathy.
All added helpful information that went into this project.
If you're not too sure what shims are, they're about 1.5" x 7.5", thin pine strips cut at an angle. You can usually find these at your local hardware store, Lowe's, or Home Depot. You should be able to find a nice size bag for a couple of dollars.
1. Start with a bag of shims.
Sammie & Monti Anna love their shims!!
Or you can just give the shims to your parrot as foot toys.
2. To hang with wire, just
drill a small hole in the center.
3. Next, you can dye the wood or leave it natural. (For dying instructions, click here)
4. Attach a bell to one end of the wire.
5. String the wood on the wire.
6. Add a Quick Link and the toy is ready. I left a large enough loop in the wire so that I could add various lengths of sisal (1/8" in thickness).
J. Kaye’s Pine Shim Toy