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Nancy’s Martian Man
3 -- 2 x 2 x 2” untreated pine blocks  (see DYING TIPS)  
1 -- 4 x 2 x 1/2” untreated pine block  
(Got scrap wood from Lowes free)
7 - Plastic beads (Walmart 88 cent jump rope)
1 – Saucer Wood Bead
Approx. 36 pony beads (Michaels Crafts)
1- Smiley Ball (Walmart or Dollar Store 4/$1)
Paulie rope  
Plastic colored embroidery hoops (4” size)
Plastic Link for hanging

Tools:   Scissors – Drill - Wire cutters

1- Take embroidery hoop and separate into two hoops.
2- If using hoop with metal screw in it remove screw.
3- Drill 3 holes in hoop spaced symmetrically,top and 2 sides (if you are not using the hoop with the metal, drill 3 more holes in bottom of hoop.  One directly under the top one and the other 2 on each side of bottom hole.
4- Take smiley ball and drill 4 holes (top, bottom and the 2 sides).
5- Take Paulie rope approx. 24” long, tie knot in 1 end.
6- String 1 pony bead ,1 plastic bead, 1 saucer bead, 1 plastic bead.
7- Take the 4x1-1/2 x 1/2 piece of wood & string Paulie rope thru center hole, add 8 pony beads.
8- String thru bottom hole to top hole of smiley ball, add 4 pony beads.
9- String thru top hole of hoop, add 1 pony bead , 1/2 plastic bead, 1 pony bead.
10- Take wooden block with the 2 drilled holes,string Paulie rope thru bottom to the top of block and then back thru other hole to the bottom of block. This will make a loop that you can hang it by.
11- Add 1/2 plastic bead and pony bead, tie knot (make sure that you have room to add hanging link). You can add link now or later.
12- Take approx. 24” piece of Paulie rope  & tie knot in end.
13- String 3 pony beads, 1 plastic bead , 1 block wood , 3 pony beads, 1 plastic bead.
14- Take string & put thru (going from the bottom to the top)side hole of 4” block then
15- String thru embroidery hoop hole.  Add 4 pony beads.
16- String thru other side of embroidery hoop hole and down thru 4” block hole.
17- Add 1 plastic bead , 3 pony beads , last wood block , plastic bead , 3 pony beads, tie knot.
18-  Take approx. 12” piece of Paulie rope, tie knot in one end. String thru side hole of hoop.  Add 4 pony beads, string thru side hole of smiley ball and out to the other side. Add 4 pony beads. String thru hoop side and tie knot.
19- Trim all ends as needed.
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Debby’s Spikey Spool
Zip Ties
Bag of small wooden spools

1 - Take 8 medium zip ties and a bag of little wooden spools.
2 -  Put 7 spools on one zip tie, and zip the tie shut, turning the spools into a circle. Make 8.
3 - Next take one bigger Zip Tie and put all 8 little spool circles, and pull tight.
4 - Add little ornaments.