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Stainless Steel (SS) ‘O’ ring
20” SS wire
10 small beads (2 of each color)
60 popsicle sticks (I used 5 colors so 12 of each color)
Sticks have pre drilled holes to thread wire through
Colored Cotton Rope

Tools:   Wire cutters – Scissors – Needle Nose Pliers

1. Take SS wire and make one end into small circle using pliers (must be big enough to tie ropes into so 1/2” diameter should be OK).
2. Take 6 popsicle sticks of one color and thread onto SS wire.
Add small bead same color as sticks.
3. Repeat Step 2 using different colors, 4 more times.
4. Repeat until all sticks and beads are threaded onto wire.
5. Thread final bead on top and loop SS wire so bead will not fall off.
6. Add SS O-ring for hanging.
7. Tie pieces of rope to first loop on bottom.
Cotton Rope
Zip Ties
Wooden Spools
Pony Beads
Wooden Wheels
Wooden Flower Pot

Start with 3 pieces of cotton rope, fold in half and secure with a zip tie in the center.
I used another zip tie through the first and up through the hole in the bottom of a wooden flower pot.
Next, string each piece of rope with a wooden spool, pony bead, wooden wheel, pony bead, and finally another wooden spool and knot off securely.  Very quick and easy to make!
Tweety gives his new toy
The Beak of Approval!!!
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  Featured in the Frugal Parrot Newsletter,
September ‘05
More Woody Goodies Coming Soon

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Nancy’s Popsicle Stick Toy
Tweety’s Toy
that his human Bonnie made
Small Wooden Cutting Board
Jenga  pieces (the game can be found at garage sales!)
ABC pre-drilled blocks
Tinker Toys
Cotton or Sisal Rope for stringing...can use Paulie Rope also

Tools -- Drill needed

Drill holes in cutting board wherever you’d like to string.  Thread rope thru cutting board, tie secure knot.
Begin stringing wooden pieces, enough to fill 1 side of board.
Thread rope thru board and continue stringing.  Knot securely. Repeat til board is as full as you’d like....
Hang and let the fids go to town!!
A guaranteed beaker pleaser on this one!!
Kim’s Knots N Blocks